Solidarity & Country

Promoting active citizenship and positive affiliation with patriarchy.

Project Aims

Adopting the initiatives of His Majesty, The King, and the visions of His Highness, The Crown Prince, that young people are able to bring about positive change with directed and active communication empowering a helping hand to the country by embracing youth and communications while adopting their projects in all governorates of the Kingdom to enhance their national belonging, as well as “arming them with the tools of the century” and launching initiatives that reflect the royal visions on the necessity of working to enhance the capabilities of Jordanian youth in a modern way, empowering them, believing in the centrality of their role in building the future of this nation, highlighting their potential and giving them opportunities to be leaders in their respective areas.

Empowering them to put their own touch in coming of age in development, for them to be a source of national pride, a role of empowerment capable of building open-minded leaders that enhance self-confidence, and who are able to develop the concepts of bestowment and community service.

Project Services

  • Hosting educational workshops on societal justice in granting rights, assuming duties, and promoting principles of good citizenship.
  • The production of videos that broadcast the spirit of active citizenship and reinforce the concept of true belonging.
  • Highlighting the national figures and defining their role in the nation.
  • Holding joint dialogue sessions for young people from governorates of the Kingdom to exchange cultural, social, political, touristic and economic experiences.
  • Interacting with the nation’s needs, by defending its causes, protecting it, and establishing a deep affiliation.
  • Promoting the concept of volunteer work among all segments of society and the values of active citizenship.
  • Addressing the business incubator ”Forsa wa tahadi” as an example of national belonging stemming from sincere giving striving for the renaissance and elevation of the nation based on a solid foundation that is not relent on challenges and does not hinder its path of slackness or pessimism.