Incubating entrepreneurs and innovators to improve the operational performances of their projects & businesses.

Project Aims

A business accelerator for creatives alike, attracting and training entrepreneurs and providing support to finance their projects and provide post-establishment services, such as following up, valuating
and developing future ideas for development and sustainability, while providing the necessary accounting, marketing and feasibility studies to convert their entrepreneurial ideas into emerging businesses.

Project Services

  • An integrated training program in the fields of entrepreneurship, management, marketing and finance.
  • Providing electronic training content and uploading it to the electronic platform.
  • Create an electronic learning system LMS (Learning Management Systems) on the platform.
  • Providing models for feasibility studies, financial planning, marketing studies, etc. to the entrepreneurs.
  • Producing videos for existing entrepreneurial projects and displaying them on the platform on the Iris store.
  • Displaying emerging projects on the website to enable funding and support.
  • Contribute to networking entrepreneurs with institutions that support small projects and entities.
  • Follow-up with those that receive funding by providing consultations, follow-ups and evaluation.