Intragenerational Dialogue

Bridging the generational gap and building on the accumulated experiences throughout.

Project Aims

Bridging the gap between different generations in order to lay the foundations for understanding and communication between different age groups, based on the belief in the importance of intellectual, cultural and societal communication through workshops which

Achieve the demands of the younger generation enabling them to participate and have a role in decision-making, alongside the older and more experienced generations. Having their views taken seriously, respected and appreciated. Reinforcing the concept that life changes in its forms, practices and nature, while preserving its constants, such as social ties and moral values.

Project Services

  • Providing training kits for each respective generation.
  • Producing videos that represent the difference between generations, carrying educational and awareness-raising messages.
  • Hosting seminars for different age groups to enhance the concept of acceptance of others and the exchange of views and experiences.
  • Cooperating with the authorities concerned with youth affairs and coordinating to enforce their needs.
  • Introducing diverse models in facing life’s challenges and catalysts for success.