Generation 4

Preparing the youth and their skills to enter the fourth industrial revolution and the digital boom.

Project Aims

Empowering the rapid changes that accompany the coming of age into the fourth industrial revolution, the development of automation, global trends towards the digital economy and other opportunities that are wisely managed to bridge into a new era that carries many

Opportunities that contribute to improving the quality of life for everyone. By exploring the energies of young people and pushing them towards creative tasks, developing new skills that are adapted to the requirements of the market and encouraging the extended, safe and conscious use of various digital tools. In addition to supporting the continuity of economic and social activity, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the need to adhere to the rules of social

Distancing, long distance learning, and the prohibitions keeping the wheels of development turning.

Project Services

  • Developing digital and technological thinking through interactive awareness sessions and enhanced digital content.
  • Hosting workshops to learn methods of modern technology with specialized trainers.
  • Qualifying youth and expanding their perceptions to adopt the concepts of innovation and creativity, and to develop technical skills related to artificial intelligence.
  • Cooperating with leading local and international companies in technological fields to train the youth.
  • Creating practical training grant opportunities for distinguished youth in pioneering technological companies.