The vision of training, vocational and professional qualification, and public service work in the industry; and providing work opportunities.

Project Aims

Promoting vocational and professional training and public service works as one of the main pillars of human resource development in the country’s social and economic sectors by providing individuals

With the latest knowledge and technology information and training necessities to produce competitive competencies and increase the productivity of the individual and society, in addition to raising the

Competitiveness and absorptive capacity of non-traditional economic activities. Which, in turn, contribute to promoting sustainable development levels in the long run while enabling

Workers in these fields to keep up the pace with market trends

Project Services

  • Supporting workshops to motivate young people to enter the vocational and professional
  • Fields and working in public sectors.
  • Production of educational and instructional videos that encourage the youth.
  • Cooperating with governmental institutions and ministries to coordinate the requirements and needs of the labor market.
  • Networking with official institutions, professional and technical academies and cooperating with them in order to train and employ youth.
  • Coordinating with schools to conduct sessions directly or through the digital platform with secondary school students to spread awareness of the importance of choosing the disciplines appropriate to the needs of the stage.
  • Cooperating with the authorities concerned with youth affairs and coordinating with them to find out the needs and requirements of this group and to develop solutions to their problems.
  • Producing special programs on the initiative’s digital platform that are concerned with supporting, guiding and following up with students, their vocational education and training institutions, alongside the public works that helps them find suitable job opportunities.
  • Joint and strategic work with the Vocational Training Corporation and technical colleges working with youth to produce a professional educational level and in partnership with donors and financiers to educate young people and facilitate their involvement in the labor market.