Al Salam Message for Development

Al Salam Message for Development is a non-profit company established in 2016 that aims to upgrade the development of human skills in all governorates of the Kingdom, especially young people, who are the safety valve and future leaders. We work in partnership with many local, regional and international community institutions with common objectives, and focus on providing consultations and trainings specialized in empowering youth and empowering women in all fields.


To be the distinguished reference approved as a key active member in achieving coexistence, solidarity and solidarity among members of society through the continuity of development and the sustainable renewal of values ​​for the areas of life of the public and private sectors.


Consolidating a culture of peace and citizenship and raising awareness of marginalized and less fortunate groups for public participation and contribution to the development and stability of society and the empowerment of youth and women.

Our Goals


We aim to:

1- Promoting a culture of solidarity and solidarity among all parties to society.

2- Spreading a culture of peace, dialogue and acceptance of others.

3- Focusing on the youth category of society, as they are the leaders of the future.

  • Integrating them into active participation in the development of their local communities.
  • Their involvement in the democratic process through the concept of citizenship “rights and duties” to stay away from all forms of extremism.
  • Highlighting the concept of leadership and stimulating innovation.

4- Women’s rights are protected in the constitution, and their inclusion as a human resource is by enabling a clear understanding of rights and duties.

5- The duty of every woman to be an active member of society and her right to choose her effectiveness by the efficiency of her exercise of this duty.

6- Creating dialogues about the regulating laws with the components of society.

7- Inclusion of marginalized groups in public participation, positive civil engagement and community dialogue.

8- Empowering youth, women and the less fortunate marginalized groups.

The business and projects incubator “FORSA WA TAHADI” emerged from it as an opportunity and a challenge in 2020, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become an urgent necessity to find rescue projects aimed at supporting emerging and small projects and stimulating the economic process, which plays a vital role in supporting national economic growth, combating poverty and reducing unemployment.