Forsa Wa Tahadi

In our business incubator, “Forsa Wa Tahadi” we seek opportunity and challenge to support individuals and groups and enable them to be an integral part of the development of their local communities and

Their beloved country. This is by providing the necessary training and qualifications to acquire leadership and management skills, and to help them understand what establishing a business is and owning the tools of sustainability and development. In addition to strengthen-ing the principle of partnership between members of the local com-munity, civil society institutions, and official institutions of all kinds, in order to achieve the growth that everyone aspires to grow.

Our Vision

Entrepreneurship and leadership in building the society and development of the capabilities of individuals in a creative and stimulating environment through empowerment and guidance, activating social solidarity, achieving sustainable development, planning for it, supervising its implementation, the participation of individuals and their societies, and possessing the components of a new phase in accordance with future goals and aspirations.

Our Mission

Promote the development of skills in all governorates of the Kingdom and developing programs that benefit members of this integrated society in all its levels, especially the youth, for they are the future and the leaders of tomorrow, by adopting and attracting entrepreneurs and pioneers, and evolving volunteering in the community

Our Logo

The hands symbolize the three generations and their aim to reduce the gap and integrate society within all its levels. The black iris, is the national flower of Jordan that is symbolized in our slogan by the armory of the national stance and the integration of society in all its classes, to form a community panel with its different sizes and harmonious colors to add an aesthetic value to the spectrum of a single society, despite the difficulty of the conditions surrounding the country, it manages to blossom beautifully with its youth, just like the black iris that blooms in its rough surroundings.

Our Goals

Leadership and entrepreneurship in building the society.

Developing the capabilities of individuals in a creative and stimulating environment through empowerment and mentorship.

Activating social solidarity and achieving sustainable development and planning.a

Reducing obstacles for entrepreneurs to start establishing their businesses and evolving it to advanced stages.

Providing our distinguished capabilities and expertise to serve the nation’s youth. Focusing on youth, who are the future leaders, and integrating them into active participation in the development of their local communities.

Creating joint cooperation opportunities and networking with international bodies and institutions

Some of Ventures