Al Salam Message for Development

Al Salam Message for Development is a non-profit company established in 2016 that aims to upgrade the development of human skills in all governorates of the Kingdom, especially young people, who are the safety valve and future leaders. We work in partnership with many local, regional and international community institutions with common objectives, and focus on providing consultations and trainings specialized in empowering youth and empowering women in all fields.

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Forsa Wa Tahadi

In our business incubator, “Forsa Wa Tahadi” we seek opportunity and challenge to support individuals and groups and enable them to be an integral part of the development of their local communities and

Their beloved country. This is by providing the necessary training and qualifications to acquire leadership and management skills, and to help them understand what establishing a business is and owning the tools of sustainability and development. In addition to strengthen-ing the principle of partnership between members of the local com-munity, civil society institutions, and official institutions of all kinds, in order to achieve the growth that everyone aspires to grow.


Entrepreneurship and leadership in building the society and development  … more

Promote the development of skills in all governorates of the Kingdom and developing programs … more

Our Projects



women’s associations under one production project



of youth benefited from them.

Generational Dialogue


women in the 18-35 age groups benefited from them

Solidarity and Country

Won the seat to host the EUMENA Forum for
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Iris Store


beneficiaries have been registered to use the self-managed online store

Generational Dialogue


women in the 18-35 age groups benefited from them

Reem A. Al-Muheisen

Founder and CEO Word

Our Youth

Thou art the homeland which I deeply adore its details, With the pride of it’s mountains and it’s honourable soil, With it’s glorfied harmony and belonging, Thou art the promise of better days to come, Paved by those hands,Willpower and strength to overcome hardships

Jordan… It‘s skies embrace you, As the black iris’ beauty, your picture, fracturing stone to rise from the sand, To blossom in April’s graceful hubris

Our Goals

Leadership and entrepreneurship in building the society.

Developing the capabilities of individuals in a creative and stimulating environment through empowerment and mentorship.

Activating social solidarity and achieving sustainable development and planning.

Reducing obstacles for entrepreneurs to start establish-ing their businesses and evolving it to advanced stages.

Providing our distinguished capabilities and expertise to serve the nation’s youth.

Focusing on youth, who are the future leaders, and integrating them into active participation in the development of their local communities.

Creating joint cooperation opportunities and networking with international bodies and institutions

Some of Ventures